Specifications Geox7 Geox7 Ultra
Configuration Quadcopter Hexacopter
Axis diameter 1250 mm 1350 mm
Propellers 27.5" 24.5"
UAV material Carbon fiber Carbon fiber
Propeller material Carbon fiber composit (Fiber + Foam) Carbon fiber composit (Fiber + Foam)
Takeoff weight 10 Kg 12 Kg
Positioning systems GPS/GLONASS GPS/GLONASS
Maximum flight time at sea level 48 minutes 35 minutes
Suggested flight time at sea level 36 minutes 26 minutes
Maximum flight altitude 4500 meters above sea level 6200 meters above sea level
Maximum speed 80 Km/h 80 Km/h
Maximum wind resistance 40 Km/h 40 Km/h
Voltage 50.4 V 50.4 V
Batteries 6S 16,000 mAh x 2 units 6S 16,000 mAh x 2 units
Maximum power 8600W 12900W
Temperature of operation 0°C - 40°C 0°C - 40°C
Range of action 10 Km 7 Km
Maximum linear flight 20 Km 14 Km
Range of telemetry connection 5 Km with line of sight 5 Km with line of sight
Radiocontrol Yes Yes
RTK Opcional Opcional
Camera Sony A5100 or A6000 Sony A5100 or A6000
Resolution of optical sensor 24.1 megapixels 24.1 megapixels
Electronic gimbal 2 axis 2 axis