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We are specialists in dron technology.

We are our clients' partner in the implementation and use of dron technology. We develop the necessary solutions and take charge of their dron operations.

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We design, manufacture, and operate aircraft and applications tailored to our clients' needs that revolutionize the quality of data for decision-making, being the most reliable option for high complexity and risk critical missions.

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We offer cutting-edge dron technology solutions, providing our clients with specialized information to support their decision-making processes, being able to take care of the implementation, management, and maintenance of dron fleets within our clients' production chains.

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  • Reto Perú Resiliente
  • Perú Service Submmit
  • Pro innóvate
  • Wayra Telefónica Innovation
  • ILN La Nave
  • Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo