High-precision aerial data acquisition service on demand.

Scalable access for businesses of all sizes to Dron technology usage. Optimize resources and keep the focus on your core business.

Find the plan that best suits your company's needs

Hardware and software infrastructure that frees your company from risks in dron operations.

  • more efficientmore efficient
  • fasterfaster
  • more powerfulmore powerful
  • more precisemore precise
  • safersafer

Direct benefits for our clients

more efficient

Lower implementation costs

Pilots, software, hardware, training, licenses, management, maintenance, etc.

RAS provides everything needed for the execution of each mission.

more efficient


Shorter implementation time

Achieving expected results, mastering tools, and managing information requires years of learning.

RAS delivers the data you need from day one.


more powerful

Shorter results time

Processing and classifying information requires computational time. Large volumes of data take days and even weeks to resolve.

RAS obtains and processes data in the shortest possible time.

more powerful

more precise

Higher precision in results

Achieving data consistency, flight after flight, requires field and processing experience, as well as enormous amounts of computational power.

RAS delivers results of maximum precision and quality after each flight.

more precise


Elimination of own risk

Investment is at risk of being lost in case of accidents.

RAS eliminates operational risk for our clients.


Program and execute services punctually, scheduled, or permanently.

Image dron flying

A service built to measure for each client for scheduled aerial information acquisition.

DAAS ensures constant updates of hardware and software to always achieve the best results, always counting on the best available technology.

Comprehensive solution in dron management and use.


Data acquisition.

The visible part of dron operations. Our experience is essential to guarantee maximum quality and safety in each project.

Data processing.

Enormous amounts of data must be processed in specialized facilities.
Comprehensive solution in dron management and use. dron flying

personnel specialized


We take care of the programming and execution of flights with maximum efficiency and safety.


We ensure rapid deployment and operation, freeing our clients from administrative tasks such as acquiring licenses and permits. Our experience in the optimal workflow for data acquisition allows us to face each project in the most efficient way.


Our team of experts processes and filters the results to deliver accurate and tailored data to the needs of our clients. We ensure the accuracy of the data obtained through rigorous verification.
Comprehensive solution in dron management and use. dron flying

equipment specialized

We operate with high efficiency and resource optimization.

We provide and manage aircraft, pilots, hardware, software, and sensors, optimizing resources to their maximum potential.

We offer our clients:

  • High-performance drones.
  • Sensors for precision data acquisition in multiple specialties.
  • Specialized computing systems for fast and efficient processing of vast volumes of information.
  • Professional software for the management, interpretation, and interoperability of generated data.
Comprehensive solution in dron management and use. dron flying

technical support and maintenance

The continuous success of missions is based on operational safety and knowledge that, as manufacturers, we provide directly to our teams. We have the ability to develop specific hardware for specific tasks.

We develop solutions that adapt to the operating conditions and specific needs of our clients. With permanent and specialized support.
Comprehensive solution in dron management and use. dron flying

Why choose DAAS for high-precision aerial information acquisition

  • Accessibility: Access to information from anywhere, with a device connected to the internet. The possibility of having information available in the field, office, or anywhere else adds versatility and increases the efficiency of work teams.
  • Lower initial costs: No initial costs for equipment and personnel training. Access to information from the very beginning.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: According to the established workload and flight frequency, the annual cost of dron services can be planned with security, without surprise costs for equipment updates or replacements.
  • Quick deployment: DAAS eliminates the learning and training time for teams, meaning that accurate and reliable information can be accessed from day one.
  • Scalability on demand: DAAS allows access to services and specialized personnel on demand, being able to increase or reduce scopes quickly and efficiently.
  • Reliability: Years of experience and the execution protocols of our services ensure the quality and precision of the information obtained and processed, making all that engineering or work teams of our clients need is an internet connection to access the information.
  • Integration: The data obtained by our teams is exported and delivered in the format required by our clients, ensuring its total integration into their workflows.

Time and money saved for our clients on each mission.

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